Top 9 in 2019: TikTok songs


Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Yulee Kang and Nirja Divekar

9. Hey Julie

You may recall countless students filming dances to the song “Hey Julie” by KYLE ft. Lil Yachty in school. The catchy music and easy, inconspicuous dance was filmed most frequently during class time, and eventually students, teachers, and even some parents knew the song and dance well.

8. Martha Dumptruck

The iconic movie “Heathers”, made a comeback this year when one of its famous songs “Martha Dumptruck” became a well known TikTok song. The trend spread among teenagers and even several celebrities, with videos ranging from a simple trio lip syncing the song to humorous twists on the words.

7. Kerwin Frost Scratch That

Another iconic dance frequently recorded in the hallways or during class time is “Kerwin Frost Scratch That” by 10K. Caash. Since most TikTok dances range from a mere 10 seconds to thirty seconds, 2 dances were made to different parts of the song which both blew up, but many of us probably recall hearing the second part playing during class on numerous different occasions.

6. Yellow Hearts

The trendy song “Yellow Hearts” first got popular because of makeup TikTok’s. It continued to gain popularity as more users would lip sync or sing covers to the song. After a few weeks it lost popularity but rose once again when people began to harmonize with one another to the song. As an 18 year old when the song first blew up, the creator Ant Saunders, gained a lot of attention and his career took off.

5. Say so

“Say So: by Doja Cat was accompanied by a viral dance that spread across the globe like a wildfire. Charli D’Amelio posted herself dancing to the song multiple times. You can’t miss this popular sound while scrolling through your For You page. It stayed trending for about a month but never really “died”, as teenagers would say. Tik Tok user @”yodelinghaley” first created the fun choreography for this dance.

4. Git up

The Git Up dance blew up in summer as a catchy “Southern” dance. Harvey Bass, a Tik Tok user, created a dance at school to the Git Up sound and went viral. Currently at 7.8 million views on the single video, his account is verified and is now at 2.2 million followers. One video can truly change

3. Gordon Ramsay

The ‘clock woah’ was a brain twisting move first introduced in a tik tok featuring the sound Gordon Ramsay by HL Wave ft. Johnny Flames. Featuring an easy twist on the original ‘woah’ dance, the clock woah first confused many TikTok users, but eventually they continued to add on to create the ‘broken clock woah’ which appears in a variety of TikTok dances and remixes today.

2. Roxanne

The song Roxanne became popular due to the extremely large number of people that played the sound during their Tik Toks. Not only did people create dances to the lyrics, but many people had food videos and art videos with the versatile song, as well as many makeup compilation videos with Roxanne.

1. Renegade

Better known as the “Renegade” dance, the song Lottery was undoubtedly one of the most popular songs used on Tik Tok. Different influencers also used the sound and it became a trend that was all over the For You Page. A rising star on Tik Tok, Charli D’Amelio posted her dancing to the song and the dance went viral. Many users recreated the dance and posted it on their accounts.