TJ Minds Matter hosts special event cozy corner

Students were given a chance to relax before the break by going to the Cozy Corner eighth period on Monday, Nov. 25.


Rhea Premanand

Eating popcorn and getting ready to make thank you cards, seniors Crystal Shi and Arwen Chandler sit on one of the couches in the Franklin Commons. “It’s a chance to relax just before break,” Chandler said.

Rhea Premanand, Staff Writer

During the last 8th period before Thanksgiving break, TJ Minds Matter hosted a special event labeled “Cozy Corner”. The purpose of this event was to give students and opportunity to relax and reflect on the people who make their life better.

Students were able to pick out materials from a large table of craft supplies in order for them to make gratitude cards for the people they were grateful for. To aid with this task, fresh popcorn and tasty hot chocolate were present.

When asked why she came to this event, junior Sophia Troshnyski said, “I signed up for this because I was looking for a way to destress after a long stretch of tests. Plus, the popcorn and hot chocolate sounded really good!”

Junior Lauren Nathan shared similar reasons for attending, and said, “It’s such a good way to relax before Thanksgiving break.”

Overall, students who participated in Cozy Corner were given a chance to have an enjoyable, stress-free experience.