Latin Honor Society hosts Mythological Pumpkins event

Latin Honor Society celebrates Halloween through painting mythological pumpkins


Sophomores Farhan Ayaan and Jinwoo Kim paint their pumpkin during Latin Honors Society’s Mythological Pumpkins event. “I enjoyed working with my friend and making an artistic work,” Kim said.

Gabriel Ascoli and Nathan Mo

The Latin Honor Society celebrated Halloween by hosting the Mythological Pumpkins event on Wednesday, Oct. 23 during 8th period. The materials the students had were mostly comprised of paint and pipe cleaners. Their task was to decorate a pumpkin like a mythological hero or monster.

The teacher sponsors, Latin teacher Patricia Lister and Christine Conklin, organized the event, buying the materials necessary and sorting out logistics.

“We usually make a couple runs to A. C. Moore, and have a frenzy and then we hope that we don’t spend too much money,” Lister said.

The Latin teachers enjoyed this iteration of the event, as there was a bigger turnout than usual and the pumpkins themselves were more creative than previous years.

“It is always great fun, and I think that this was a particularly good group of pumpkins,” Lister said. “We had more students than usual, because we forgot to limit the signups, but it worked out great.” 

For many students, such as sophomore Jinwoo Kim, the event was a fun way to end off the week. 

“I decided to come because I didn’t have anything to do during B block on that day. One of my friends wanted me to do it with him, so I agreed,” Kim said. “I enjoyed using my creativity to make the pumpkin.”

Lister and Conklin enjoyed the event for its creative aspect as well.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it just blends itself into a lot of creativity,” Lister said. “We have almost unlimited characters that are available and were always amazed at what the students come up with.”