Freshman officers announced after election


Freshmen Spencer Weiss, Kunal Naik and Jake Cui were elected to freshmen class council.

The freshmen class waited patiently as the results for class elections were announced through the loud speakers during dismissal on Nov. 16. James Park was elected as president; Kunal Naik as vice president; Matt Huo as secretary; Andrew Howard as treasurer; Spencer Weiss and Jake Cui as Co-Historians; and Kaila Stein as Senator.

“I hope my fellow SGA members and I can make our freshmen year a fun and memorable one,” freshmen senator Kaila Stein said.

For the upcoming year, the Freshmen Class Council is already making plans to improve their Jefferson experience and to make high school much more enjoyable with their new ideas. The council has started discussing their thoughts on activities for the freshmen lock-in.