New counselor in the halls: Laurie Phelps

New counselor Laurie Phelps takes on the task of writing college recommendations for the class of 2020


Jessica Feng

Mrs. Phelps is a welcoming presence for any students who need advice or a person to talk to. She lacked guidance from her high school counselor and aims to use her experience to help others. “I just have a love of helping people,” Phelps said.

Jessica Feng, Staff Writer

College applications.

These are the two words that send most Jefferson students into a frenzy of club leadership positions and awards. While there are many variations of applications depending on the school, almost all require a counselor recommendation letter. Four-hundred-forty-four seniors are split between the seven counselors; with each being responsible for these many seniors in addition to students from other grades, it’s no wonder counselors are so busy this time of year. The daunting task of writing college recommendation letters becomes even more difficult when a new counselor is introduced. 

This is the task Laurie Phelps, the new counselor replacing Alexa Scott, has taken on. Her desire to become a counselor stems from a lack of guidance during her own high school experience and motivates her to give students support.

“Initially, I wanted to become a counselor because of the lack of support that I got from my high school counselor when I was in school back in the ’80s,” Phelps said, “I feel like if I had a little bit more support and a little bit more guidance, I might’ve made some decisions a lot quicker in terms of majors and colleges.”

Phelps’ has much experience as a school counselor. She spent the majority of her time as a middle school counselor, a total of 19 years, but has plenty of experience in the high school scene.

As for her plans moving forward, she’s focused on finishing writing recommendation letters before planning other events and activities. Many students, such as senior Shreya Kuchipudi, are confident the change in counselor won’t be a setback and may actually help them with a fresh perspective.

“I was much closer to my counselor last year than my counselor this year, mostly because of the greater amount of time I got to get to know Mrs. Scott,” Kuchipudi said, “However, that is not to say I cannot become as close with Mrs. Phelps this year as I was with Mrs. Scott last year. From my interactions with her, Mrs. Phelps has been a great advisor and I’m excited to get to know her.”

As for the students still unsure of what their future in terms of graduating entails, Mrs. Phelps offers a piece of advice.

“Just come and see me. Either come in during lunch or email me and make an appointment. Let’s work together,” Phelps said.