Humanities teachers make quick move to new trailers


New trailers were set up near the tennis courts and furnished for the Humanities teachers.

The absence of trailers 5-8 threw students for a loop as they frantically searched for their classes on Monday morning.

Some teachers were also shocked. Many were notified as recently as Thursday that their classes would resume after the weekend in new locations. The school was not at fault for the late notification as they were informed of the transfer the same day that the word went out to the teachers.

The old trailers have been relocated to another school, and the new vacancies will make room for construction vehicle parking during the upcoming renovation.

Although the hasty relocation of the trailers may seem irritating for the effected teachers, everything from boxing up materials to reassembling the classrooms was taken care of. However, Aaron Sacks, Stephanie Glofelty, Romana Iorga and Lona Klein accepted the move in good spirits.

It turns out the new trailers seemed to have benefits over those the teachers were accustomed to.

“For me the new trailer is great,” Klein said. “They seem to generally be larger and more updated.”