Disney Releases Frozen 2 Official Trailer

Image courtesy of YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

Sid Ram, Social Media Manager

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for the sequel to Disney’s hit 2013 film, “Frozen” from the very moment the first one came to an end. Finally, after six long years, Disney seems to have come to its senses and put out an official trailer.

The first thing I noticed, much to my relief, is that all of the major characters from the first movie were accounted for. This is of course including Olaf and Sven, some of my favorite side characters from the original film.

The trailer starts with Elsa using her ice powers to freeze waves in the ocean. The wave breaks through, and as she tries to frantically reach the surface, she sees what looks to be an underwater horse. The trailer strongly hints at Else possibly gaining new powers in the upcoming movie.

Viewers of the trailers also caught a glimpse of who will most likely be the villain in the next film, a very tall monster. I find this interesting, as in “Frozen”, the antagonist was a regular person, and the magic came exclusively from Elsa’s powers. In “Frozen 2”, however, I expect to see more elements of magic woven into the plotline.

As with “Frozen”, “Frozen 2” looks like it will showcase some beautiful scenery. I was intrigued to see backgrounds without snow, suggesting that the upcoming film could take place in a setting other than the Kingdom of Arendelle.

The new trailer for “Frozen 2” also included a soundbite from the “Frozen” opening theme, “Vuelie”, which continues to be one of my favorite opening themes in all of Disney’s films.

Overall, I am very excited to see what “Frozen 2” has in store for viewers. Something tells me that regardless of how hard they try, and how much anticipation is built, it will, never so much as hold a candle to the original film. But, try it I shall with an open mind in November, when it comes out.