Freshmen IBET Presentations Begin


Ananda Kalukin, Staff Writer

IBET Presentations began last Tuesday, and freshmen have been showcasing the studies they have been working on all year. Students were graded on the quality of their presentation, including slideshow clarity, speaking clarity, and the thoroughness of the explanation of the study.

Presentations will finish on Friday, May 22. The presentations, which are graded by a panel of teachers, prepare students for tjSTAR.

“Most of the advice was helpful and specific, and can actually help us improve our presentation skills.” Freshman Nidhish Lella said.

All students had several days to prepare slides and get feedback. However, those who presented on Tuesday had one school day to practice speaking for the presentation. Although students had been informed about the presentations weeks before, many were unable to prepare enough in the given time.

“They did tell us a few weeks in advance” Lella said. “Most of us just forgot until the week before.”

Students are expected to listen and give feedback on other IBET group presentations. However, this can be tedious for students.

“They [IBET Presentations] are very interesting, but after about the sixth one it gets very boring. They should spread them out more.” Freshman Jonathan Lee said.