Sadies dance postponed to May 10


Andrew Chen, Staff Writer

On March 26, 2021 Class Council announced their decision to reschedule Sadies from April 4th to May 10th, a postponement of over a month. This was due to a variety of factors and other planned events that compelled them to move the dance later than expected. However, in spite of this setback, 2021 Class Council is still striving to plan a memorable dance for students this year, with many new and unique ideas being suggested and implemented.

The difficulty of coordinating important events between students and the administration played a large role in rescheduling Sadies. Sean Nguyen, one of the 2021 Class Council senators, detailed the complications that occurred which ultimately led to the rescheduling of the dance.

“We originally scheduled Sadies to be on April 4th, but it happened that the deadline for accepting admissions offers to the incoming freshman class was scheduled to be on April 5th. Since Freshman Preview Night had to be scheduled before this deadline, it was set on April 4th. In addition, the 2020 Talent Show was also supposed to be held on April 4th, but it was then moved to April 12th, leaving Sadies postponed to May 10th as the earliest date it could be held,” Nguyen said. “We could definitely have coordinated things better between students, the administration, and the admissions office.”

This year’s theme is “Underneath the Stars”, a concept that 2021 Class Council decided on to add a more romantic twist to this year’s dance. Although they drew inspiration from previous years, they deviated from the norm to come up with a theme aimed to be unique and inspiring.

“Previous Sadies had themes based on movies or TV shows, such as La La Land or Stranger Things. We didn’t want to follow the traditional ways of basing our theme off of a movie, so we took the idea of stars and generalized it to a theme of being underneath the stars. In think it’s a special theme, since it kind of represents your hopes and aspirations when looking at the night sky or making a wish upon a shooting star,” Nguyen said.

In addition, 2021 Class Council hopes to increase participation at Sadies by implementing novel ideas around food and decorations.

“Since our theme is “Underneath the Stars”, we are planning to set up decorations such as glow in the dark wristbands, necklaces, and stars, and even star shaped foods. We’re going to have crepes and ice cream this year, which I think is unique, since it is really different from the usual pizza that’s served at Sadies. I think ice cream would work really well, especially since we’re holding Sadies in May and it’ll be really warm,” Nguyen said.

Although there have been a few hitches on the road, 2021 Class Council continuing to drive ahead and is optimistic about how Sadies will go.

“I’m excited to see how all this will come together. Although there were scheduling conflicts, I still believe that Sadies will be an amazing event,” Matthew Hwang, the Treasurer of 2021 Class Council said.