YA authors talk about writing process


Janet Gurtler, Laura and Lisa Roecker, and Miranda Kenneally, authors of young adult fiction, visited Jefferson on Nov. 9. These authors all work with the samepublishing company and came to talk about their books as well as how they came to be authors.

Janet Gurtler, the author of “I’m Not Her”, “Who I Kissed”, and “If I Tell”, gets her inspiration for stories from her son. “I prefer writing American fiction to Canadian, because I like the coming-of-age type stories rather than the very literary types,” she said.  Gurtler will be coming out with her new book, “How I Lost You” in the spring, which is a story of lost friendships.

Laura and Lisa Roecker are sisters and write as a team. Lisa is the one full of ideas whereas Laura puts those ideas to work in the first chapter. After the first chapter is complete, Lisa and Laura will switch off with writing each chapter and revising.

They are the authors of the Liar Society series, the story of a teen detective. “We find our inspiration in our past. We come from a family with three sisters, and our mom would always be telling us to be independent. That’s where the strong female lead in the Liar Society comes from.”

Miranda Kenneally is the author of “Catching Jordan,” “Things I Can’t Forget”, “Stealing Parker,” and “Dear Teen Me.” She enjoys writing about sports and is in the progress of getting her book “Racing Savannah” published. “Catching Jordan” has been optioned for a movie.

All the authors agree that writing books can be a tedious process, but when the books are written and published, the feelings of accomplishment are definitely worth it.