Frozen in anticipation


Image courtesy of Creative Commons

In a scene from Frozen Ana watches her sister Elsa standing alone in her ice castle.

Stuti Gupta, Staff Writer

I settle down in my seat, sipping my Coke with a buttery bucket of popcorn on my lap. The audience is packed, I look to my left and see an adult, a full-fledged fanatic in a costume, and to my right a little girl with eager eyes.

Then it starts.

This is the crowd to expect when Frozen 2 releases on Nov. 22. From the moment Frozen first came out, ranking 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it was not only a movie, but also a lifestyle for children, teenagers, and adults alike. “Let It Go” was an anthem, every store was stocked with Frozen apparel, and by the time Halloween rolled around the next year, every girl wanted to be Anna or Elsa.

Six years later, with two Frozen shorts in between, Disney has finally given us promise to a Frozen 2 that we’ve been waiting for. Amidst no speculations for a Frozen 2, we were pleasantly surprised when Disney dropped the new teaser trailer. After only 24 hours, it quickly became the most viewed animation trailer ever, reaching 116.4 million views.

The trailer is mesmerizing, especially with the background music timed perfectly to enhance and highlight each action. It kicks off with Elsa using her powers to cross the ocean, then switches to Kristoff, who is leading a pack of reindeers and ends with Anna slashing at an ominous threat lurking behind our view. With Elsa finally accepting her powers, the directors hope to do a lot more with her, showing us who she truly is. There have even been rumors of Elsa having a girlfriend, a big step for Disney movies. In terms of the two new characters that are set to appear, many speculate that they may be Anna and Kristoff’s kids, or flashbacks of Anna and Elsa’s parents. Whatever the case is, we’ll be sure to find out Nov. 22.