Best Free Apps for School


Ananda Kalukin, Staff Writer

As the second semester begins, both old and new classes are becoming more challenging: new material and topics are discussed, long-term projects are assigned, and tests are coming up. If you have trouble keeping up with the increased workload and new subjects, apps can help you stay on track and get better grades. There are numerous high-quality, free education-related apps which can be instantly downloaded to your mobile device.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great app and website for getting a lot of practice with various subjects. To familiarize yourself with a subject, you can watch the videos. Even if you understand the material, videos are helpful for making sure there are no gaps or misconceptions. Then, you can do practice exercises until the app decides you have “mastered” the subject. The app covers almost everything taught at schools, including math (even calculus), biology, history, and a wide variety of AP subjects.



Duolingo is an app and website that helps you learn a language. The app has dozens of languages to date, including more unique languages such as Navajo and Klingon. To master various skills (verbs, nouns, greetings, etc.), you can complete exercises, and proceed to new subjects. The exercises involve translating short greetings and even reading text aloud. While this is app is perfect for getting a basic understanding of a language, you should supplement it with something else to become completely fluent.



Google Drive has an app which makes it much easier to view and edit files on a mobile device. Drive allows you to upload a wide variety of files, including Word documents and spreadsheets. Unfortunately, you also need to download the Sheets and Docs Google apps for complete editing abilities, but the Drive app is still very convenient for accessing files.



If your teacher likes to make kahoots, this app is easier to use than the website on a mobile device. The app can also help you practice with user-made kahoots and competitions with friends. However, the app is better for challenging yourself than learning material because it is fast-paced.



Quizlet is helpful for practicing and retaining material. The app/website allows you to practice subjects with “flashcards” where a term or definition is presented. There are many different modes to practice with the flashcards, with some resembling tests and others which present the information and expect a quick response. Thousands of “flashcard” sets have been created, and you can also create your own.



StudentVUE is an easier way to check your grades on a mobile device than the Student Information System (SIS) website. To access your grades and other student information, log in with your FCPS login credentials. One drawback to StudentVUE (and SIS) is that they go down at the end of every quarter as well as for regular maintenance.