#YouBelongHere Photo Contest: Rules


Sid Ram, Social Media Manager

TJ is known nationwide for its academic prowess and for being very focused on education; however, not many people know about TJ’s rich, diverse student culture. To shed light on the fact that TJ has more to offer than just academics, TJ Media is organizing a photo contest.

We want to show people, specifically potential freshmen, that TJ is a great place to learn and explore one’s interests. So let’s shoot away the stigma (using cameras of course)!


  1. Take photos of club meetings, sports, or other activities that show TJ students doing things other than studying.
  2. At the end of every month, the top three photos will be selected.
  3. The photos will be posted on tjTODAY media platforms, and of course, the photographer will get credit.
  4. The top photographer will also receive a prize.


  1. The photos must be appropriate and school-based.
  2. The photographer must have the permission of the individuals in the photo if the photo is of specific people.
  3. The names and grades of all of the individuals in the photo must be submitted with the photo if the photo is of specific people
  4. All photo submissions must have a caption of what the picture is of

How to Submit:

  1. Tag us on Instagram (@tjhsst_media)
  2. Tweet the photo to us on Twitter (@tjTODAY_news)
  3. Use the hashtag #youbelonghere in your post


If you have any questions, feel free to message TJ Media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via E-Mail.