Dance team orders new mirrors for practice sessions


Dance team practices their competition routines in front of the new mirrors. Photo courtesy of Caroline Mack.

Karen Song, Staff Writer

Jefferson’s dance team ordered mirrors to use during practice time in late January of 2019. Five rolling mirrors are now placed in Da Vinci Commons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, when Jefferson’s dance team holds their practices.

“I really like the mirrors and I think they are very helpful because you can see yourself when you are dancing,” sophomore dance team member Sarah Zhang said.

The mirrors in total cost $3700, and members of the dance team all agree that it was worth it.

“During practice, I can easily look at the people around me and identify if I’m making any mistakes and adjust quickly. Overall, they are high quality and I am very glad our team can use them,” Zhang said.

“It’s easier to set formations and we can see our technique and do our makeup before games [in front of the mirrors],” sophomore dance teamTJDT member Lydia Yang said.

With the addition of these mirrors during practices, Jefferson’s dance team is looking forward to performing during senior night, which will be held on Feb. 8 during the boys varsity basketball game against Falls Church High School.