2022 Class council climbs to prominence


AJ Seo, 2022’s class secretary, upholds the responsibility of documenting all of the notes, comments, and general meeting agenda for weekly sessions. As other class council members are suggesting their contributions to the Holiday Bash, a February event in conjunction with 2021’s class council, Seo is concentrated on recording essential highlights of the discussion.

Sean Nguyen and Andrew Chen

Nov. 14 marked the transition of power from Froshcomm to the newly established 2022 Class Council. Froshcomm is a group of ninth graders who temporarily administer the class government until class administers are conducted post-Homecoming. Four of the seven froshcomm members, including Bhaswith Suresh, AJ Seo, Caroline Chen, and Melissa Wu, were all former froshcomm members before ultimately deciding to continue in their class leadership role. Since their missteps in Homecoming, the former Froshcomm members have made great strides to improve and learn from their mistakes.

This reformation came in the form of their initial class fundraiser: a bake sale held Nov.28 and 30 that earned over $600 through the distribution of cookies, brownies, and apple cider. Within an interval of fifteen minutes, the supply of over one hundred baked goods were all procured. Many students contested its high prices, however, when the class council charged three dollars for homemade cookies and brownies — more than the usual one to two dollars.

“On the first day of their bake sale, I purchased one of their baked goods, and although it was rich with flavor, there wasn’t anything that necessarily set it apart,” freshman Faith Wu said. “Other clubs, on the other hand, whether it’s dance team to Spanish Honor Society sell less, making those sponsored bake sales more attractive to consumers.”

Despite how the student body views the high prices, it was undoubtedly a marketing strategy that worked in favor of the class council, by displaying their proactiveness and leadership towards their class. However, this is simply the beginning of a great year of formulated events by the 2022 class council members, under the guidance of their sponsor, Leslie Barnhart, the TJHSST assessment coach, who are all trying to make freshman year a meaningful transition into the high school experience.

“We were inspired by the success of other club’s bake sales that would raise hundreds of dollars for their class, so we thought it would be a good way to raise some money before bigger things,” 2022 treasurer, Bhaswith Suresh said. “This was an entry point in demonstrating to our class that we are capable of greater things and we are progressing towards achieving that.”

Not only will freshmen classes continue the tradition of Lock-In, but the 2022 class council will also be preserving the legacy of IBET Wars, an event that that was designed and developed by the 2021 class council in their freshmen year. Furthermore, the 2021 Class Council has proposed the idea of collaborating in conjunction with the 2022 class council for a holiday bash, a recreational event that will entail movies, class council roasts, talent show, open gym, escape room, etc. Tickets will be $10 and will offer admissions to all activities within the Holiday Bash. In addition, trying to learn from past freshman years, the 2022 Class Council is also making a point of making events unique, with input from all members of the class.

“We know that freshman year and transitioning to high school can be difficult, so we’re trying to keep a positive attitude in our class. We know that TJ students come from many different middle schools, so to bring our class together, we are planning out many fun events, such as Lock-In and IBET Wars.” Vice President Caroline Chen said. “To set our class apart, we are trying to take in more input rather than deciding the events ourselves. We want to provide the whole class with the opportunities to make suggestions and participate in planning out these events.”