Freshmen elect new class council for 2018-19 school year


Johnathan Huynh

The class councils from class of 2021 and 2022 met during 8th period on Nov. 30 to discuss plans for a winter bash. These meetings are open to anyone who wants to know what is going on within class council.

Lauren Delwiche, Staff Writer

Recently, Jefferson class of 2022 elected their first actual class council and the results were released on Nov 14. Leon Jia was voted as president, Caroline Chen as vice-president, Bhaswith Suresh as treasurer, AJ Seo as secretary, Vibhav Kuriti as senator, Melissa Wu as senator and Andrew Kim as historian.

Since taking office, this class council has already started planning several projects for the future, including the freshmen lock-in and themed sweatshirts. They are even looking as far ahead as senior prom.

“It is important to start looking at these things, so we are ready to execute them in the future,” sponsor Leslie Barnhart said.

With this in mind, the members of class council have been trying to come up with a general plan for raising enough money to take the class all the way to senior year.

“Graduation is expensive, so we have to start now,” Barnhart said during the Nov 30 meeting.

In addition to starting extensive planning for future class events, the freshman class council has also been striving to be transparent about their meetings. To do this, they have made all of their 8th period meetings open on ion to any freshmen who want to attend.

“Freshman are always welcome to come to class council to hear what’s going on,” Barnhart said.

According to freshman class council secretary AJ Seo, they have also committed to posting regularly on Facebook to keep the class informed.

“We want to work on communication across the board,” Barnhart said. “It is really important to represent the whole class.”

As part of their focus on “communication across the board,” the 2022 class council is also collaborating with older class councils to organize fun events such as a winter bash.

“We want the class of 2022 to have a great experience at TJ because it is about more than the academics,” Seo said. “Our goal it to make the next four years unforgettable.”