You’re a Nice One Mr. Grinch

Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

Sindhu Ragunathan, Staff Writer

The latest version of Christmas’ most infamous character brought a new revamped edge to the classic. “The Grinch” returns once again with softer edges than the last time he was on the screen with Jim Carrey’s green reincarnation. The computer animated tale continues the original story and perpetuates the use of Suess’ unique visuals. However, the Grinch appears to be much cuddlier than before. With round eyes and soft fur, he appeals much more to the those looking for a bit of holiday cheer.

Living high above Whoville, the Grinch and his adorable dog Max, concoct a scheme to steal Christmas from the residents of Whoville, while ironically dressed as Santa Claus. But, little Cindy Lou Who thwarts his plan by wriggling her way into his three- sizes- too- small heart.

The directors cleverly made sure not to modernize the treasured details of this classic film. That being said, the movie still felt fresh, especially in terms of its sound. Artists like Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams brought a modern and youthful sound to the movie with a rebooted theme song and narration, respectively.

“The Grinch” kindles holiday cheer without attempting to reinvent the story. The visually rich film holds the audience’s attention and wisely doesn’t push past the 90-minute mark. Audiences will be entertained by the forever spellbinding tale and along with our favorite green grouch, feel their own hearts growing a couple sizes too.