A night to remember

Jefferson’s annual Viennese ball was a huge success


Ms. Bailey, the orchestra director, leads the Symphonic Orchestra in a waltz during the ball. Photo courtesy of Daniel S. Cha.

Andrew Chen, Staff Writer

With strands of white lights twinkling softly around the room decorated with purple and silver balloons, the orchestra began to play the first out of 12 waltzes and the gym slowly came to life with dance. The Viennese Ball, one of the most unique events at Jefferson, took place on Nov 16. The annual dance was held as a fundraiser for the orchestra program in order to buy and repair necessary instruments and music.

The many students that attended the dance were not disappointed. People praised many different aspects of the dance and some were surprised by how well planned the event was.

“I was really amazed at the quality of the food and really the environment in general” sophomore Alan Qi said. “It was my first time attending the ball and I think one of my favorite parts was when they played the jazz music in between the dances, although I also enjoyed the music played by the orchestra as well.”

“I had a lot of fun spending time with my friends and playing the music pieces. I really liked the waltz lesson before the ball because I learned how to dance and waltz with different people” sophomore Grace Cha, a member of the Jefferson Symphonic Orchestra, said.

Even though the the dance was considered a great experience by many, the entrance fee, which was $20 at the door was enough to deter some from attending the dance. However, the students who did go felt that it was money well spent.

“I think the entrance fee was a little expensive. That might deter some people from coming” Qi said. “However, they really make up for it with the food and the music and I definitely don’t regret going.”

“It’s one of the best dances at TJ in my opinion. I would definitely come back next year,” Cha said.

Overall, the Viennese Ball was a fun and unique experience to attend. The time and effort put into preparing the whole event, from the music to the decorations to the food, definitely justifies the cost of attending. Besides, all the money raised from the event goes to helping the school orchestra. For newcomers and others, it is a great way to spend a Friday night dancing and mingling with friends.