JDay 2018 Photogallery

MiJin Cho, Sci-Tech Section Editor


With over 72 booths, 14 student performances, and 50 basketball teams, this year’s Jefferson Day (JDay) took place on Friday, June 8th. An annual tradition of a half-day filled with booth fundraising, basketball games, and outdoor activities, 2018 JDay commemorated the efforts of students in not only a yearlong academic endeavor, but also in extracurricular organizations such as the 8th period clubs available at TJ. Beginning from 12:40PM, students gathered fundraising materials and planned activities in locations on the first floor and outside TJ, including karaoke, TJ Model United Nations (MUN) Sponge Wars, Red Cross Youth Task Force Ice-Cream Sandwiches, and more. The photo gallery primarily focuses on the TJMUN Sponge Wars and outdoor events from the day.