French Honor Society Hosts Easter Egg Hunt


Natalie Martin

Discussing possible answers to the culture questions, Victoria Graf and her group mates try their best to crack the code.

Akila Islam and Natalie Martin

In order to learn about French culture, 54 students attended the French Honor Society (FHS) Easter egg hunt on April 11. As Easter is a very important holiday for France and francophone countries.

There are some big celebrations in France and different countries of Easter celebrations,” senior Liam Nolan said.

To celebrate Easter at Jefferson, what better way was there to celebrate than with an egg hunt? The students had to find easter eggs with a certain colored sticker and solve clues.

“Inside each egg we had a culture question,” junior Stuthi Iyer, the secretary of FHS,  said. “After they answered the culture questions, each question had a certain letter that they had to keep and then like unscramble those letters to figure out what the word was.

Œuf de Pâques was the winning phrase, translating to easter egg.

The winning team had to collect all the eggs, answer all the questions and then decode the message the fastest.

Although it was run by FHS, the event was open to all students. However, it helped to have French students on your team in order to quickly solve the culture questions.

“Today we have a lot of people from outside,” Iyer said. “Most of the time French Honor Society students will bring their friends because its more fun that way.”

However, like in most events, candy served as the greatest incentive to find the most eggs.

“There were two Hershey kisses inside each egg!” sophomore Ankitha Shenoy, a member of the winning team, said.

In addition to the two kisses in each egg, the winning team also got a bag of Kit Kats.

Overall students had a memorable and fun experience.

It was fun learning new trivia, and eating new chocolates. Plus I got to explore the courtyard!” freshmen Yuthika Selva said.