Bringing Ballroom to Bulería

Ballroom Dance Club provides lessons for upcoming Bulería Dance


Sophomore Madelyn Khoury and sophomore Atharva Haldankar practice the Hammerlock Turn.

Irina Lee, Staff Writer

In preparation for the Bulería Dance on Apr. 27, the Ballroom Dance Club taught several Latin dances to its members. From simple two-step patterns to Hammerlock Turns, the five pairs filled the empty space with their easy laughter and relaxed comeradie. However, the club still suffered relatively low attendance rates compared to other clubs. To those a tad hesitant on joining the club or going to the dance, Ballroom Dance Club officer Madelyn Khoury was quick to assure.

“I know it can be scary, especially if you’re thinking ‘I’m not a good dancer,’ but really, ballroom dance is only as hard as you make it, so if you don’t feel up to doing more than a basic, then you really don’t have to,” Khoury said,”I think we have a really good environment, where you can free your inhibitions because no one is going to judge you if you’re making a mistake.”

Khoury also cited the relaxed teaching manner of the club as one of the reasons to become a regular there.

“We have a flexible curriculum, so we can make sure everyone has a certain move before we go on, so there’s no pressure of trying to keep up or anything like that,” Khoury said.

Through Bulería, the club hoped to attract more interest toward ballroom dancing by making it more accessible to newcomers. Club officers would be present at the event to teach anyone willing to learn.

“I’d love it if we had a few more people here. Part of the experience is getting to dance with different people. It’s a good way to meet people,” Khoury said, “You’re talking to your partner, you’re trying something new. When you rotate partners, it’s cool to see how different people dance, so I think it would be great to get more members.”