Russian Honor Society sends chocolates for International Women’s Day


Picture of SLAVA’s chocolate bars for Ms.Murphy in the mail room.

Brian Park, Staff Writer

The Russian Honor Society (SLAVA) delivered decorated and wrapped up chocolate bars to the faculty and administrative staff on International Women’s Day, which this year was on Mar. 9.

International Women’s Day is a significant part of the Russian community.

“Russia puts a lot of emphasis on International Women’s Day and you don’t see it that much in America,” senior Ria Sonawane said.“In Russia, men usually give a bouquet of flowers to every single important women in their life, just to show appreciation for how important they are. It’s a really great idea and just making someone’s day a little bit better is a good feeling.”

Despite being called International Women’s Day, SLAVA tries to keep appreciate all of the Jefferson staff.

“Even though it is called International Women’s Day, SLAVA sends chocolates to teachers of both genders so no one feels left out,” senior Kierston Paul said. “Every chocolate bar SLAVA sends out has a wrapper that says ‘International Women’s Day’ on it with a picture of something Russian to help let people know about the holiday.”

The project has been in the works since the beginning of the school year and has an alternative purpose as an initiation.

“Because it’s a yearly event, SLAVA begins preparing for International Women’s Day at the start of the school year, sophomore Claire Bai said. “Around the beginning of March, SLAVA buys the chocolates and students in TJ’s Russian language program help wrap the chocolates and address them to staff members.”

The project was a beneficial experience for the SLAVE members.

“It was a great way to use SLAVA and accomplish our goal of providing service towards our community in a fun way that also celebrated an extremely important day for both America and Russia,” Sonawane said.