On Diversifying tjTODAY’s Coverage

On Feb. 19, tjTODAY received criticism via TJ Vents regarding our objectivity in covering politics. Specifically, this post expressed concerns about a liberal-leaning bias in political coverage over the last few months.

tjTODAY’s mission is to serve as a vehicle for student expression and be an open forum on issues of interest and concern to the school community. Through interviewing students with a variety of backgrounds and opinions, we hope that this diversity translates to the content produced both on the website and the newsmagazine. However, we also recognize that, at times, this may not be case, and that our coverage may seem more politically biased than it should be.

TJ Vents posted this anonymous comment to its Facebook page on Feb. 19.

We encourage members of the Jefferson community to provide feedback, either by submitting Letters to the Editor that we can then publish for the community, or simply emailing story suggestions, guest column ideas or general comments to [email protected].

We would love to hear your suggestions for articles that you would like to see written. The article ideas that the TJ Vents post suggested–for example, covering minorities who support Trump–is a story we would be interested in telling.

Please feel free to submit ideas for article coverage, which we can then take into account when we plan our print and online content. In addition, you are welcome to attend eighth period staff writer meetings or enroll in the class next year to voice your article ideas and opinions.

We aim to produce objective content that interests you; we want to hear more of your voices and opinions so we can ensure that we cover topics that actually matter to the Jefferson community. Our goal is to provide an objective platform for diverse opinions, as the TJ Vents post stated, and if we are not doing this, we are open to feedback on how we can better accomplish this goal.

Thank you for listening to us — now, we want to listen to you.