Art club begins design for new courtyard mosaic


Natalie Homnyom

Art club members lay down preliminary sketches for mosaic to decide colors before creating the final product.

Natalie Homnyom, Staff Writer

As construction draws to a close, new commons and courtyards spring up all over campus, including the Nobel commons courtyard. Part of a plan to beautify and personalize the school, the art club has been tasked with creating a mosaic for the steps inside the courtyard after being introduced to the idea by administration.

“The mosaic was actually something that our principal wanted to do, so as the art club, we’re helping make that a reality. We’re helping with the designs and the carrying out of the [project],” senior Sydney Zheng said.

Each of the six steps of the stairs in the Noble commons courtyard will depict a different field of study.

“It’s going to be different science scenes. They are three tiers and the top tier will reflect astronomy, the bottom one will reflect mostly the ocean sciences and maybe chemistry and the middle one is mostly the earth,” Zheng said.

Each tier will transition to the next with the overarching theme. The art club finished designing and planning the placement of each glass piece in the mosaic and will start constructing it at their next meeting, so students can expect to see the mosaic soon.

“We’re doing the mosaic of the night sky with stars and galaxies, then the day and [maybe] the earth too. We’ve drawn and decided the colors for the night sky and the day sky and we’ve gotten [the pieces ready to place],” freshman Grace Cullen said.

Volunteering to aid and guide the creation of the mosaic is artist Anita Damron. Damron mainly works with glass, oil and acrylics in her artwork and has experience as a gallery manager, art consultant, art teacher and artist agent.

“She brought all of the little [glass] squares for the mosaic, and she’s teaching us how to use the plaster [to] put them on the material so then it all sticks together,” Cullen said.

Although only members of the art club are participating in creating the mural, they are aiming to encapsulate the whole student body in its design.

“[The purpose] is to beautify the school, but it’s also supposed to unify the students and show them that we really care about what we’re doing,” Zheng said, “We’re trying to make a mosaic that reflects the scientific and artistic spirit of our school.”