Surprising Standings from Super Bowl LI


Image courtesy of Ken Fang

The Super Bowl logo for Super Bowl LI taking place on Feb. 5, 2017

Brian Park and Aryaan Hussain

The Sunday night thriller on Feb. 5 was one for the books for both the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The entertaining showdown between the two powerhouse offenses was a must see but the statistics after the game were even more surprising.

Super Bowl LI broke dozens of records and tied a dozen more. The Falcons and Patriots put up a total of 682 combined passing yards and 54 combined first downs, both new Super Bowl records.

39-year-old Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, has been through many experiences, from his late round drafting in 2000 to Super Bowl LI. This super bowl not only brought the patriots a fifth ring, but also a chance for quarterback Tom Brady to extend his contracting by three to five years. He is now the oldest quarterback playing in the NFL, and renowned as the best quarterback of all time, being compared to other quarterback legacies such as Brett Favre and Joe Montana.

Not only did Tom Brady impact the record books but so did James White, the running back for the New England Patriots. White was able to get 14 receptions for a total of 110 receiving yards, both of which are new Super Bowl records.

On the Atlanta Falcons side of things, Grady Jarrett sacked Brady three times tying a Super Bowl record. In addition, Matt Ryan received the National Football League (NFL) Most Valuable Player Award (MVP), the most prestigious award that a player can receive for their level of play on the field. However, he was unable to bring home the Lombardi Trophy, adding to the long list of MVPs that have been unable to win the Super Bowl.

Furthermore, Super Bowl LI has created a higher standard of excitement for future Super Bowl games; Super Bowl LI was actually the first Super Bowl to ever go to overtimes and the largest comeback in the Super Bowl at a 25-point comeback. However, the future of both teams seem solid, the Atlanta Falcons with a young defense can only grow as a team, while the New England Patriots have thrived for decades, even with the interchange of players.

No matter which team you were supporting and which side you were on, this game was a spectacular one to remember, starting from a Falcons 28-3 lead, to the Patriots scoring 31 unanswered points, and back to back miracle plays and penalties. Super Bowl LI, is now known as one of the best Super Bowls.