The Jefferson community discusses reasons for participating in AMC


Logo for the annual American Math Competition sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America

Natalie Homnyom, Staff Writer

All over Jefferson, over 1100 students will compete in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) on Feb. 7 to vie for a chance to attend the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) and the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO). Exam fees for the first AMC this year will be paid for by the Jefferson math department, encouraging more students to participate. The AMC 10 and 12 tests students’ mathematical ability up to the 10th grade math curriculum and the entire high school curriculum, respectively.

During the test, participants will answer 25 multiple choice math questions over 75 minutes. With rigorous content and prestigious awards, the AMC attracts those with an admiration for math.

“I’m taking the AMC 12 because one of my passions is math,” junior Lilian Wang said. “I have taken the AMC 10 both freshman and sophomore year. I actually took the AMC 8 in seventh and sixth grade.”

However, the prestigious awards and competitive nature can also attract those without an interest in math who are just hoping for another prize to put on their college resume.

“We’re all about testing ourselves against other people,” junior Dorian Bloy said. “Sometimes you’ve just got to do it for the math.”