Students reflect on their Thanksgiving traditions

Brian Park, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time of remembrance for all the things to be grateful for and a time to spend time with the loved ones.

The students at Jefferson enjoy the break in which they get to spend their time with both their distant and close families.

“For Thanksgiving, I will be at my third cousin’s’ house with their first cousins on the other side of their family, my grandparents and more third cousins and their families,” freshman Tayae Rogers said.

Students also enjoy spending time with friends and playing games such as football.

“For Thanksgiving, I do the same thing every year,” sophomore Ishan Lamba said. “In the afternoon I play a Thanksgiving football game with all the kids in my neighborhood and then in the evening, our family goes to a friend’s house for dinner and more football.”

People can not forget the Thanksgiving shopping spree that occurs in many TJ families.

“We will go shopping every single year and consistently we will return with items that we never use,” freshman Medha Gupta said. “Also, we always seem to get into the habit of getting into a fight with the store managers at the mall so it’s sort of become a tradition for us.”

However, every family has their own unique tradition to make their Thanksgiving as special as possible.

“For thanksgiving, my family and I try to make it different every year by switching up the food we decide to make,” Gupta said. “We’ve never had a true ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ because of our dietary restrictions but every year we try to make thanksgiving food in an Indianized fashion. We’ve smothered spices on mashed potatoes and made ‘pie’ using Indian sweets.”