What Did TJ do on Election Day?


Ashley Huang

November 8th, 2016 was undoubtedly a legendary day. With the majority of TJ under 18, most students did not participate in any candidate’s campaign. The bulk of the students stayed at home on Tuesday night, according to a survey conducted with 46 TJ students.

 “I’ll be catching up on homework…or watching CNN live coverage.” freshman Iyouel Endashaw said.

Some students attended events irrelevant to the presidential election. Senior Oktay Ahverdiyev ran the Russian Honor Society bake sale on TJ campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Freshman Howard Malc practiced for TJ’s production “The Diary of Anne Frank” after spending the day volunteering for the Vote Yes Meal Tax movement.

“I worked at TJ to convince voters to vote “Yes” for the meals tax… which I learned about through the TJ weekly newsletter.” Malc said.

Some students at TJ took the initiative to campaign on Tuesday evening. Junior Meghana Boojala is an intern for the Democratic Party of Virginia. “I knocked on doors and made calls to remind people to vote,” Boojala said.

Even though most students at TJ can’t vote, many agree on the importance of America staying together, through thick and thin.

“…I treated [Election Day] like any other day because I can’t vote yet… I just hope that America can come together to do the right thing.” sophomore Phineas Ulmishek-Anderson said.