FBI email investigation’s effects on Hillary Clinton during the election


Matt Rourke

Hillary Clinton appears relaxed and ready on stage.

Brian Park, Staff Writer

The FBI has reopened Hillary Clinton investigation on her using a private email server rather than her government-issued email, and although students dislike it they are not discouraged in their support for Clinton.

Students that identify as republican believe that this will not greatly affect Clinton’s chances of going into office.

“I honestly do not think it will affect her votes, it would any other election year, but given who she’s running against, I don’t believe that it will affect her votes as much as it would have any other election year,” republican freshman Aditya Kumar said.

Republican students also believe, however, that the reopening of the case was fair, and that there was no bias going into the FBI’s decision.

“Given how close it was to the election and the very nature of this election, it is important for the people to have all the facts before making their decision.” Kumar said. “[The FBI] had just received the information, if they had waited, there is no point of releasing that type of information after an election, when it can’t affect the results.”

Also, according to students, it helps Clinton that Trump has been ineffectively been using this email scandal against her.

“I don’t think Trump has been effectively been using the emails against her, although he has attacked her several times on it. I feel like he could have more effect if he attacked her flaws, rather than her emails, Benghazi or her husband,” Kumar said.

Even though what Clinton did was unacceptable to most of the republicans at Jefferson, they still believe her to be a better person than Trump.

“I think it was a terrible mistake, but I do not think that she meant it maliciously. And I believe this should affect her votes, but given who she is running against, it would be surprising if it had any major effects,” Kumar said.

Taking a democratic view, some students do not believe that the way the email information was released by the FBI was fair to Clinton.

“It is fine for the FBI to continue investigating but I don’t think going against years and years of protocol, by telling congress right before the election, was the right thing to do. Especially since the other option was to not tell congress and potentially have it be leaked, and I think that the FBI director tried to save his own skin by doing that, since it was the best option for him rather than for the election,” democratic senior Giancarlo Valdetaro said.

These students also believe that this will affect Hillary’s vote count.

“I definitely do think that this will affect her votes, the polling for her has gone down a lot since the FBI found new evidence for the email investigation. Even though there might not be anything, it shows that once again that people do not trust her,” Valdetaro said.

Democrats say that Trump has been using the email scandal against her since he.

“Trump has not needed anything real to use to accuse Clinton of being corrupt and a liar. I mean even when she says truthful things, he claims that she is lying. So I think that he has been using this issue for all it’s worth,” Valdetaro said.

Lastly, democratic students do not think Clinton’s actions were justified but, agreeing to some of the republicans, say that it insignificant compared to what Trump has done.

“She should not have had a private email server, I don’t think anyone thinks that she should have but is nowhere near equivalent to Trump’s actions throughout his life and said during the election,” Valdetaro said.