Jefferson football teamed up with Relay for Life against Edison


MiJin Cho

Jefferson Junior Taylor Kim defends against Edison.

MiJin Cho, Business Manager

The Jefferson football team partnered with Relay for Life in the game against Thomas Edison on Sept. 23. Although the varsity team experienced a loss of 0-48, the stands stood full and purple in support of the American Cancer Society.

“The goal of relay for life is to raise money for the American Cancer Society but also it’s to bring the TJ community together. There’s no other place to do that like the football game,” said senior Daniel Haseler. “We wanted to bring people together and support football and Relay for Life.”

With fans covered in purple paint, the football team came onto the the field with a goal of not only winning but making good plays throughout the game.

“We’re working together well as a team, the effort is certainly there. Our main goal is to be able to put together a full game. It’s hard to put together a full 48 minutes sometimes. Our motto is ‘play 48, let’s see what happens from there’”, said senior captain Jack Boyle.

With the players supporting each other throughout the game, the football coaches make a big impact in motivating and getting the team going.

“The coaches tell you this, and it gets to heart, ‘you will never get his experience again once you graduate. You’re never going to play on friday night’. We take that into account and… play like it’s our last game,” said senior captain Yadeen Rashid.

For most senior football players, this year will be their last one to make their mark as Jefferson Colonials.

“It’s bittersweet. Being a captain…, a senior, and a leader is very nice but you also have to consider that it’s your last year,” said Yadeen. “You have to start with the little victories, win the plays, and then you win the game.”

With only half of the games left for the season, the teams look forward to next year for recruiting more players.

“Most players have to play both ways the whole game, which is very tiring. We’re really hoping to get more people out next year. To keep our program strong and win some games,” said Junior Danny McCray.