July’s Song of the Month: A Personal Confession, the Common App and Tips for Finding New Music


Feel the summer vibes from Young the Giant. Courtesy of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNuFUBDsZUw.

Bayliss Wagner, Staff Writer


As it turns out, as much as I would like to strut around with my earphones in claiming to be an ~indie music listener~, I am unworthy of the title.

Indie music people, if you didn’t know, are the ones who predict every music trend before it happens. ~They~ know the cool bands before anyone else does; they go to implicitly exclusive gigs at obscure venues; they would surrender one of their own functioning eyeballs before they would ever listen to music played on a station like Hot 99.5.

My secret is that, while I like to branch out and listen to indie bands, I am not an ~indie listener~. I am not cool enough to discover the bands on my own. I’m actually not even cool enough to know which bands are indie.

Here’s another secret: I use Apple Music to find new artists and songs when I can’t listen to my old music anymore. That, and I listen to the radio now. It’s summer, sometimes you need music that isn’t soft and emotionally ambiguous.

I happily discovered a Young the Giant song, “Amerika,” on Apple Music’s “Triple AM” playlist last week. I had never heard of Young the Giant. Fun fact, they’re really popular and I just live under a rock.

But guess what: I’m picking a different song for July’s song of the month: their hit, “My Body!” Yes, it’s actually from 2010, but I didn’t know that until today and you shouldn’t care either.

This song a perfect anthem for summer and especially for July. The timing is perfect too: the rock band will release their newest album, “Home of the Strange,” on Friday, Aug. 12, two weeks from now.

While you’ve been blasting Rihanna or Drake or Jay-Z at the gym or on your runs this month (I know a lot of you have been training for fall sports tryouts like I have), you could also have been kicking to this upbeat, empowering song.

And do you know that awesome feeling of rolling all your windows down and feeling the warm wind rushing into your car on an evening drive? Turn “My Body” up on your stereo, roll past your friends and you could feel as ecstatic as I have while driving home from practices this past week.

And you know what I and all you other rising seniors will be thinking when we begin working on the Common App this August?

My body tells me no, but I won’t quit…