The Beat Blog: Getting into the Summer Vibes

Ankit Agrawal, Editor-in-Chief

It’s the middle of summer, and maybe you’re getting bored of just sitting at home. Or, maybe you’ve been going to summer school for the past few weeks, or doing a summer job, and you’re just looking forward to finally finishing it all and truly getting to enjoy your last month of relaxation before you hit the books. Well, now you can do that with this month’s playlist, dedicated to that “summer vibe” we all hope to feel. Whether you’re in a party mode and want to have fun with “Carnaval” by Danny Romero, or if you want to lie in a hammock with “We Don’t Talk Amymore” by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez, or even if you want to be somewhere in the middle jamming to “This is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna, this playlist will have it all. Forget about those textbooks, at least for now, and start listening! Enjoy!