Ten Reasons To Love The Rain


photo by Madeline Old

With a black and white filter, you might even be able to get away with putting a sun emoji in your caption.

Madeline Old, Staff Writer

  1. You don’t have to worry about washing your hands when every outdoor door handle you touch is covered in water.
  2. Maybe your crush will be less intimidating to talk to with their hair and makeup messed up by rain.
  3. Using your phone in the rain will effortlessly keep the screen washed.
  4. Motivating yourself to stay indoors and study for AP exams is harder if the weather is nice enough to be outside.

    You can't have rain without rainbows!
    photo by Madeline Old
    You can’t have rain without rainbows.
  5. You can take outdoor pictures without looking weird because you’re staring into the sun.
  6. No need to buy pre-distressed shoes for your hipster look! As soon as you step in a puddle, any brand-new pair will look years old.
  7. Expand your cultural knowledge by connecting to history- flood stories are ubiquitous in religion and myth.

    Erosion in action- fascinating!
    photo by Madeline Old
    Erosion in action- fascinating!
  8. If lack of sunlight is giving you Seasonal Affective Disorder, connect to nature by convincing your passionate gardener friend to let you join their plants in front of a Gro-Light. The carbon dioxide your frustrated screams produce will even help the plants grow.
  9. If you didn’t do your homework, just say the rain soaked through your backpack on the way to the bus stop.
  10. Get your sixty minutes of daily cardiovascular activity in sprinting to and from the Weyanoke trailers.