2017-18 school year likely to commence before Labor Day


Frank Ding

The 2017-18 academic year is proposed to start significantly earlier for FCPS students and faculty members compared to existing school year start dates.

Katherine Du and Angel Kim

On April 28, Fairfax County Public Schools sent a news release stating that superintendent Karen K. Garza will be creating a calendar draft for the 2017-18 school year with school starting August 28, 2017, a week before Labor Day. The change allows students to attend summer camps that begin earlier in the summer.

“I feel there are many sports, musical, and academic camps that happen on FCPS’ [Fairfax County Public School] last week of school and by starting school earlier it will end earlier and this will allow for many students to be a part of these camps,” freshman Ria Singh said.

In addition to summer activities, the changes to the calendar provides students with more time to learn their course content before winter break and Advanced Placement (AP) tests.

“I teach AP kids, so getting more time in before the AP [test] will be wonderful. I think by the end of August, kids are ready for school and have energy. I think that’s the kind of rest and vacation we’d like,” English teacher Susie Lebryk-Chao said.

The new change is predicted to benefit seniors and school staff members who will be working to meet college application deadlines. However, the decision means that the summer break of 2017 will be shorter.

“While I am upset that school is starting earlier, at least it is ending a week earlier,” sophomore Sricharan Bachu said.

The 2016-17 school year calendar will not be affected by the suggested changes, as school will begin on Sept. 6 next year.