Spring Track Athlete Profile: Nora Thompson


Picture courtesy of Michael Rodriguez

Junior Nora Thompson gives her all at a track meet. Thompson has been participating in Jefferson track since freshman year.

Nikita Sivakumar, Staff Writer


Nora Thompson has been running all three seasons of track every year, totaling nine whole seasons, since she was a freshman. Currently, Thompson is a junior running spring track.  Recently, tjTODAY followed up with Thompson after she participated in the winter season of track to learn more about her thoughts and motivations going into the spring.

How often do you go to practices and meets?

Practice is everyday after school from 4:15 to 6:15 p.m., as long as it doesn’t thunder. Depending on the season, one weekday will have a league meet, what we call the meets that are set up by NVHL and are against conference schools. However, they are typically considered JV meets. The varsity meets, invitationals, are on Saturdays and can be huge with schools from all over the DC area. I usually run in Saturday meets and, whenever possible, try to run six days a week. However, sometimes things come in the way, like being in the musical.

What are some memorable meets you have been to?

I’ve only been to one meet this season and it was this past weekend (April 9 and 10). However, I would definitely say this was one of the most memorable meets yet since I showed up to it [while it was] snowing and still had to run my mile outside. Other than that, the best meet I can think of happened during cross country season sophomore year when I ran my personal record in the 5k. It had rained the past night and was in a park so the whole course was just a mud pile. All I can remember is thinking, ‘Well, if I run faster, the mud will end sooner.’

To you, what is the best part of track?

My favorite part of track is that it happens all year round. You get really close to this one group of people who really want you to succeed and having one coach that can really get to know you, definitely pays off. I also like that running is something I know I can continue for my whole life, giving me extra motivation to push myself.

How do you feel about entering spring track after the winter season? What are your goals based on your previous performances?

My goals entering spring track are honestly just to improve upon my times. I focused a lot on the two-mile during winter and since it should be easier on a longer and outside track, I hope to run a personal record in the event. I also hope to run under six minutes in my mile since I got very close last spring season but I have not ran it since. Right now I’m just crossing my fingers that nice weather will set in so I can start having good races that are not in the snow.