The competition may be gone, but the celebration goes on


A varsity letter along with one of the certificates and programs students might have picked up at the Winter Sports Award Ceremony.

Anna Zhang, Staff Reporter

In recognition of individual and team sport achievements this Winter season, the Office of Student Activities held a Winter Sports Awards night on Thursday, March 3. Many student athletes from various winter sports, such as basketball and gymnastics, came to celebrate along with their proud parents and coaches.

“I thought it was a good way to commemorate some of the people who had sports related achievement, especially since a STEM school like TJ tends to recognize academic achievements more frequently,” sophomore Shreya Wadehra said.

Desserts and drinks were served at 6:30pm, followed by team awards recognizing the accomplishments of each sport. Athletes clapped and cheered their fellow sports teams as the accomplishments were called.

Afterwards, sports teams moved to individual rooms to give individual and coach awards. Many students were awarded certificates, with some members earning bars, emblems, and varsity letters as well.

“My [basketball] team celebrated with paper plate awards, certificate presentations, and a small sentence or two about each person,” Wadehra said.

Although the award ceremony was moved to the main gym because of the renovation of the auditorium, students, parents and coaches like found this year’s ceremony to be a memorable way to end the winter sports season.

“[The track team] met up, our coach told some jokes, handed out some awards and we ended pretty early,” senior Jeffrey Liu said. “Most of our actual celebrations, such as paper plate awards and senior gifts, will happen in the spring. But we had a fun time and we’re looking forward to the next season and the warmer weather.”