Students from Japan visit Jefferson


Angie Sohn

Students from Fudo Oka High School present their own research projects to Jefferson students during eighth period. They utilize a computer near the College and Career Center to show their presentations.

Angie Sohn, Staff Writer

Jefferson students and faculty welcomed Japanese guest students from Fudo Oka High School as they visited the school on Feb 12. During eighth period, the guest students presented their own research projects. Students watched the presentations near the College Career Center throughout both A and B blocks.

By watching the Japanese students’ presentations, students at Jefferson were not only provided knowledge about various subject areas, but were also given unique perspectives on common fields of study, something that wouldn’t be possible without the exchange program. For example, the presentations shared insightful information pertaining to various topics of STEM, ranging from patterns of prime numbers, to the production of copper(I) oxide through the process of electrolysis.

Additionally, through some of the student’s presentations, Jefferson students were provided a look into the daily life and culture of the Japanese people.

“The students’ presentations involved Japanese culture that Americans do not usually have a chance to hear about,” freshman Yujung Lee said.

Fudo Oka student Yoshino Ioka, for example, presented her work pertaining to the application of mathematics to explain the correlation of traffic accidents and various factors.

“Japan has many traffic accidents,” Ioka said. “I want to suggest some of my ideas to decrease traffic accidents.”

Moreover, Jefferson students also had an opportunity to interact with the students from Japan. While students from both schools found a commonplace in STEM, the exchange students’ presentations were a unique chance to learn from individuals of a different nation and culture.

“I think it was a great experience to listen to Japanese students talk about their thoughts and share ideas with them,” Lee said.