“Jane the Virgin” is the perfect show to start over an unexpected break

Gina Rodriguez and Andrea Navedo star in

Photo courtesy of cwtv.com

Gina Rodriguez and Andrea Navedo star in “Jane the Virgin,” a telenovela following the journey of a budding writer after she is accidentally artificially inseminated. Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for her role as the title character.

Nikita Sivakumar, Staff Writer

Snow days are ideal to catch up on all the shows missed because of the stressful piles of work we have during our usual school days. For me, the best part about a snow day is staying up and snuggling with my warm Doctor Who blanket and binge-watching my  favorite television shows. It helps me relax and unwind on a short, but unexpected holiday.

Recently, I’ve been getting into “Jane the Virgin,” a modern telenovela about a young virgin, Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) that gets accidentally, artificially inseminated with a sample from her high school crush. After discovering her pregnancy, Jane fights to reconcile her previous ambitions with the new challenges of carrying a baby, while trying to maintain relationships with her newly engaged fiancé and family. Her recent engagement, accidental pregnancy and new-found struggles are all shown in the very first episode. Believe it or not, the rest of the season only gets crazier, filled with the tears and laughter of its fans. Being a telenovela, the show has a knack for being insanely dramatic, ending with heart-wrenching cliffhangers and leaving the viewer wanting more with every episode.

“Jane the Virgin” is unique because it combines multiple, seemingly unrelated plot lines with narrow coincidences that have both a shocking and comedic effect on viewers. Every episode stretches a normal day into a crazy timeline of events involving every possible conflict, from internal to familial to professional. The show balances Jane’s personal fears of being a mother-to-be, her ever-changing love-life, the rocky relationship between her parents and her goals of being a writer.

“Jane the Virgin” brings on a whirlwind of emotion and is a must-watch. It’s an instantly-addictive show to start binging during the remaining snow days. The show is an amazing way to pass time over the weekend, and procrastinate on everything else.