Relay for Life committee members create holiday cards for cancer survivors


Lilia Qian

Relay for Life committee members gather in the Galileo Commons to make and decorate cards for Jefferson alumni and student cancer survivors. The meeting was one of Relay for Life’s weekly meetings on Wednesday A blocks to support those fighting cancer.

Lilia Qian, Staff Writer

Every Wednesday A block of eighth period, committee members of Jefferson’s Relay for Life can be found gathered in the Galileo Commons. The club’s aim is to raise money for cancer research.

Relay for Life has allowed me to become more aware of cancer and try my best to help people with cancer through different fundraising [events],” committee member Hana Yu said. “It is an interesting experience to be part of, and if asked, I would probably do it [again].”

The Relay for Life committee is a group of selected applicants. Each member was chosen to be a part of a subcommittee within the committee to manage specific areas of the club. For example, subcommittees include accounting, survivorship, and registration.

“I’m on accounting. Accounting is responsible for collecting all the donated money,” said Yu. “I felt like accounting was good for me because I am able to manage and organize really well.”

At every weekly meeting, committee members plan events and fulfill their subcommittee jobs to keep the club running smoothly. They also discuss ways to raise money to donate to the American Cancer Society by making plans for fundraisers throughout the year.

“Usually [at our meetings] we do work on the subcommittee. I’m in accounting so we just count the money,” said Yu.

In December, the committee took the upcoming holidays as a chance to show their support to survivors of cancer. Using colorful paper and markers, they prepared holiday greeting cards for these individuals.  

[The cards] were for three survivors of cancer that were TJ graduates, one of which is still at TJ,” said Yu. “Making [the cards] was fun, but it was also really nice to know that we were helping a survivor and making their day better by writing cards for them.