Model UN attends annual College of William and Mary conference


Katherine Hughes

Sophomores Shivani Mullapudi and Shriie Ganesh used lunch breaks during the William and Mary High School Model United Nations conference to perfect their working paper on global immunization.

Katherine Hughes, Staff Writer

The William and Mary High School Model United Nations (WMHSMUN) conference was a Model UN conference at the College of William and Mary. Delegates from Jefferson left for the conference on Nov. 20 once they got to school, and arrived back at Jefferson at 6pm on Nov. 22. At the conference, delegates took the view of a country, a person, or an organization, and debated various topics, ranging from global immunization to extradition and the FIFA World Cup, in their committees. In committee sessions, delegates debated and wrote working papers, which were written solutions to the problems they tried to solve. Fun events such as the Delegate Dance, held by WMHSMUN, and Novice Initiation, held by Jefferson MUN seniors, provided entertaining activities for delegates during the conference.