Homecoming Week 2015: Banner Painting

Ankit Agrawal, Team Leader

Every year, one of the competitions held during homecoming week is “Banner Painting,” in which each class designs banners that match with their class theme, and later paint them in a limited time frame during eighth period. This year, on Sept. 21, the event took place, and many students participated to help their class win. The winner of the event, which was the sophomore class with their theme of “It’s Showtime,” was announced on Sept. 23 during the Jefferson football team’s game against Lee HS. After talking with students, tjTODAY was able to get opinions on how the banner event went.

Q: How did you feel when you found out that sophomores won the banner painting competition for homecoming?

“I was super happy,” sophomore Victoria Chuah said. “Everyone put so much hard work into it and I think it turned out great so I’m glad the judges agreed. Also there were so many details like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘The Lion King’ scenes that were crazy good. I’m not super artistically talented and it was stressful working under the time limit but we pulled it off and winning something is the best feeling.”

Q: What is your opinion of your class’s banner?

“I really liked our banner because of the colorful variety, and although we may have not had the artistic experience some seniors had, it was obvious our artists provided a lot of creativity into the making of the painting,” junior Ari Reddy said. ” My favorite part of the banner is still Aladdin because it’s been a personal favorite of mine since I was a child.”

Q: How do you think the banner event helps bring your class together?

“I think that the banner is a lasting physical representation of homecoming, and it allows us to immortalize the themes and memories from that year,” senior Shohini Gupta said. “A great joke for 2016 is how in the banner our freshman year, we spelled Homecoming wrong and spelled it as ‘Homecoiming’, and we always bring that up when we talk about how far our class has come in three years.”