Administrative assistant Lisa Moore passes away


Photo courtesy of Trish Hamilton

Lisa Moore will be remembered fondly by many members of the Jefferson community for the collection of rubber ducks she kept in her office.

Anjali Khanna and Esther Kim

Lisa Moore, the administrative assistant for Jefferson’s department for student services, passed away on Oct. 3. As a staff of the Jefferson community since 1995, Moore served as a long-time member of the school administration, working closely with the faculty and students who remember her great kindness and generosity.

“A lot of the alumni talk about how whenever they would walk into student services really upset, she would make sure to greet them and to welcome them,” Student Services Counselor Sean Burke said. “She just always kind of instinctively knew when kids really needed to be seen, and she would make sure they would get taken care of.”

Moore had been coping with an illness for the past six months before she was hospitalized. With the unexpected news of her passing, the administration held a morning meeting on Oct. 5 to assemble a crisis team for staff and students who may find difficulties dealing with the situation.

Moore will be remembered fondly by the Jefferson community for her “bowling clubs,” Friday night events she held to serve as icebreakers for students in need of a friend, as well the collection of rubber ducks that lined her office.

“Kids started bringing them in for her because they knew she loved them so much,” Burke said. “The whole thing kind of grew into a village.”

Current students and alumni alike have expressed their condolences for Moore, reflecting on her commitment to the well-being of students and for her efforts in helping to create a healthy educational environment.

“I remember coming to her office when the Honor Council needed an announcement to be read over the PA system, and how helpful and kind she was about it,” junior Kristin Myers said. “When you talked to her, it really could make your day.”

The school is remembering Moore by placing flowers and a scrapbook on her desk. Students and faculty can visit Moore’s office in student services and reminisce their memories with her by writing on the scrapbook. Once it is filled, the book will be sent to Moore’s family.

“Ms. Moore always had a way of making kids feel comfortable— whether it be with little things like remembering names or just looking out for the kids,” Burke said. “It just speaks volumes about how amazing she was at her job. She solved so many problems that the rest of us never even knew about.”