The Beat Blog: T.O.L.D, an artist on the rise


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T.O.L.D, an up and coming artist from the United Kingdom released his first ever EP titled “Heaven” in 2014.

Anjali Khanna, Editor-In-Chief

Every month, “The Beat Blog” will be highlighting one artist who we believe will hit the mainstream airwaves in either the next few months, or next few years. Some of the artists may be so obscure that they deliver music on SoundCloud alone, whereas others may have already established a website and platform to reach wider audiences.

This month, The Beat Blog will be featuring a solo artist from the United Kingdom who calls himself The Order of Life and Death, or T.O.L.D. Issuing most of his music on SoundCloud and Spotify alone, this artist has not yet even released a biography on the internet that reveals who he is.

Shrouded in the mystery of a golden sheet as he appears on his discography, T.O.L.D. has not yet failed to deliver with his first album, “Heaven EP’ in which he combines synthetic indie pop with steel drum rhythms to establish an electronic and yet tropical vibe.

My personal favorite song off the album is “Lucifer’s Eyes,” Although the topic is serious and distinct, T.O.L.D. creates a unique sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard when he introduces the drums. He also establishes an almost ghost-like or echoed sound that gives the song an eerie-yet-uplifting je ne sais quoi.

I look forward to what T.O.L.D. will have in store in his future albums. It is the mystery and obscurity, combined with the genius blend of tropical influences and meaningful lyrics that will allow him to establish himself as a mainstream artist.