Jefferson interns at Givology work to promote #MyFavoriteTeacher and TJ E^3 raises awareness for their fall 5K

Photo courtesy of Givologys official website

Photo courtesy of Givology’s official website

Kate Deng, Design Editor

On August 10, a volunteer-run social enterprise called Givology began its #MyFavoriteTeacher campaign. On behalf of back to school season and the end to the one month long campaign, Jefferson interns at Givology have been promoting the hashtag on social media to raise awareness for teacher appreciation.

“I think it’s important to recognize that education isn’t readily available everywhere in the world, and my hope is that Givology’s campaign will help spread that message and simultaneously raise funding for this effort,” Givology intern and senior Jeffrey Xia said.

For every post using the hashtag that Givology receives, they receive a pledge from their donors to help fund projects towards teacher education, purchasing textbooks, and empowering students with education.

“I hope Givology can spread its message through this campaign and inspire people all over the world to stop for a minute and truly think about who has affected our development into intellectual and thoughtful humans of the world,” Givology intern and senior Johnson Song said.

Along with this campaign, Northern Virginia’s chapter of Givology has been working with Jefferson’s own TJ E^3 organization to raise awareness for a 5K awareness run/walk at Lake Fairfax on October 10.

“TJ E^3 has been conducting drives and participating in fundraising efforts the last two years to help support education initiatives with supplies, books, and other materials,” founder of E^3 and senior Sahana Ramani said.

The 5K will be dedicated to raising money for five partner schools: Foundation of Hope in Kenya, Circle of Peace School in Uganda, Aid India in India, The Cercle Foundation in Benin, and Peach Foundation in China.

“We are hoping this 5K can take our efforts one step further by directly funding tuition fees for children globally,” Ramani said. “We also hope to spread the idea ‘Give to Learn. Learn to Give’ and encourage more people to support our initiatives.”