My Prospective European Travel Blog: France


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The Arc De Triomphe is just one of France’s many history- and culture-rich landmarks.

Ankit Agrawal, Staff Writer

My last blog centered around Spain, a country I knew much about before visiting and had learned about through classes in middle and high school. However, now, I’d want to visit a country I’m completely unfamiliar with – one that I’ve heard so much about, but still have no real connection with. For me, that would mean that my next stop on this prospective trip to Europe would be Spain’s neighboring country, France.

Besides being neighbors with Spain (which would mean an easier trip to get there), France contains so much culture and history to learn from. There are so many landmarks and places to visit, not just throughout all of France, but even in the city of Paris alone (which is where my trip would specifically take place).

In Paris, along with the well-known Eiffel Tower, which at its time of construction was the tallest monument in the world, and the Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa, there are many other tourist spots for people to explore. This includes the Palais du Luxembourg, the Musée d’Orsay, one of Paris’s art museums focused more on impressionism, the Centre Pompidou, one of the most visited museums in France, and the Arc de Triomphe, a beautiful depiction of architecture in France.

But besides these amazing landmarks, there are events that take place throughout Paris in the summer that I would hope to attend. There are open-air cinemas and theaters, and a variety of performances that take place throughout the city. Yet the event I would most look forward to is the “Paris Plages,” where different areas throughout Paris are transformed into artificial beaches. The multiple beaches each get their own sets of umbrellas, palm trees, and other beach-related items, to make the environment seem similar to that of an actual beach, and I believe that the event would be an extremely intriguing activity that I’d enjoy.

However, while in Paris, it’s important to be dressed appropriately, as fashion is an important industry in France. Paris is located in an oceanic climate, meaning that the summer weather will not be as hot as it was in Spain. Shorts, T-shirts, and slippers are a good “go-to” option for this weather, but other footwear, jeans, khakis, and pants other than shorts will work as well. Also, sunscreen and a hat may not be necessary, but would definitely prove useful.

Cuisine is of major importance in France too. This country is the home of the Michelin Guide, an influential food-based publication that awards stars to only a few, excellent restaurants. Restaurants such as L’Arpège, Le Meurice, Pierre Gagnaire all have three stars, but are quite expensive. Instead, I would most likely eat at Lucas Carton and Le Quinzième, which are not as costly.

So while this summer wraps up, being able to visit France just before August’s end would truly be an amazing journey. France has its own unique history and culture, something that lends itself to a variety of experiences and activities that I’d extremely enjoy on this third (and last, for this summer) stop on my prospective trip to Europe!