Must-Sees of Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium


Photo Courtesy of Zac Wolf

Uzma Rentia, Section Editor

Atlanta, Georgia: this sprawling city is an iconic place to visit. As home of the 1996 summer Olympics, various tourist attractions and breathtaking scenery there is never a boring moment in this capitol. Although my stay at Atlanta this summer was filled with fulfilling sightseeing and hikes, there were some attractions that outshined all others: World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain.

Among many spectacles Atlanta also boasts the largest aquarium the in the western hemisphere: the Georgia Aquarium. Those willing to sail past the murky waters regarding animal rights will find the Georgia Aquarium holds delights beyond the infamous water tunnel.  In fact, one can get swept away by the aquarium’s gift shop alone. The aquarium itself features six galleries: “Aquanaut Adventure,” “Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest,” “Dolphin Quest,” “Ocean Voyager,” “Southern Company River Scout” and “Tropical Diver.”

Much like the Coca-Cola Factory, the Georgia Aquarium is education and entertainment coalesced into one comprehensive exhibit. Each gallery has its own take on the overall aquatic theme. “Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest” explore life in cold ocean waters, featuring Beluga whales and harbor seals. “Southern Company River Scout” also has a local twist, visitors not only learn about the wide diversity of animals found in the rivers of Africa, South America, Asia, but also investigate the wildlife found in Georgia. “Tropical Diver” is the most kind-friendly of the six exhibits, yet it also boasts one of the largest living reef exhibits of any aquarium.

The most acclaimed gallery, “Ocean Voyager,” does not disappoint. With a water tunnel and moving walkway, four whale sharks and four massive manta rays, this exhibit alone makes visiting the Georgia Aquarium a must.

Though a visit may leave guests with noticeably lighter wallets, tickets for adults are $35.95 and $29.95 for children, the pricing is definitely worth the trip. The site is also in a prime location, its sits across the World of Coca-Cola, in Centennial Olympic Park, also home to the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

With its breath-taking sights, unforgettable animals and a reasonable price all things considered, the Georgia Aquarium is an attraction any Atlanta tourist must be sure to add to their itinerary.