Must-Sees of Atlanta: World of Coca-Cola


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Uzma Rentia, Section Editor

Atlanta, Georgia: this sprawling city is an iconic place to visit. As home of the 1996 summer Olympics, various tourist attractions and breathtaking scenery there is never a boring moment in this capitol. Although my stay at Atlanta this summer was filled with fulfilling sightseeing and hikes, there were some attractions that outshined all others: World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain.

The World of Coca-Cola, commonly referred to as the Coca-Cola factory by locals, is an entertaining and interactive twist on the average museum. Guests can view a variety of short films in the museum’s two theaters: Perfect Pauses Theater and Happiness Factory Theater. Visitors can also enjoy an interactive assembly lines that shows the bottling process or one that teases idea of a “secret formula.”

The factory is not all fun and games though, there are educational components stationed throughout the building. There are countless exhibits chronicling the history of Coca-Cola displayed throughout the 20-acre complex. One particularly interesting exhibit is “Milestones of Refreshments,” it showcases the company’s various advertising and branding methods.

The best part of the entire tour is the “Taste It!” exhibit. Guests are herded into a spacious room filled with a comprehensive area of Coca-Cola products. There guests can taste 100 Coca-Cola drinks offered worldwide using a self-serve machine. Be forewarned, drinks with even the most innocent of looks can pack a punch.

Given the pricing, $16, visitors really get their money’s worth at this attraction. Perhaps even more rewarding than the price, given the sun’s glare this time of the year, all exhibits are within the building so you are never lacking air conditioning. Another plus: the location. The factory is located across the street from Centennial Olympic Park, home to the acclaimed Georgia Aquarium.

All in all, a trip to Atlanta is not complete without a stop to the World of Coca-Cola.