My Prospective European Travel Blog: Italy


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The Colosseum is only one of the many famous landmarks of Italy.

Ankit Agrawal, Staff Writer

Whenever I travel outside of the country (which is usually rare), it’s always been to India, to visit cousins and relatives. We always do the same things, visit the same people, go to the same places, and pretty much repeat what we’ve done before. But now, I’d like to try something different – a trip to Europe.

Many of my friends have gone over the summers to take a tour of Europe, and I always wish I could take their place. With it’s unique culture and perspectives, Europe has many aspects unfamiliar to people in the US, which is why, if ever given the chance, this is how I’d plan my trip to Europe.

With a mild climate, I’d recommend bringing shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, and what you’d just usually wear on a warm day in the US. As for Italy in particular, since it is one of the more warmer countries in Europe, you could also bring flip-flops/sandals and sunglasses. A camera is essential, as landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Florence Cathedral, and the Pantheon (just to name a few), have extreme significance in Italy. These landmarks represent only a part, however, of the history and culture that make Italy what it is today.

But, don’t forget about the food. With influences from multiple parts of the world and the mediterranean, the food has astounding flavor and depth. From pastas to gelatos to minestrones to risottos, restaurants like “La Madia,” and “Da Vittorio,” provide an experience like no other. The diverse cuisine is something you (and I) would definitely look forward to.

And there are events in Italy that I would love to attend. Personally, in August, I’d really like to go to the Ravello Festival, filled with concerts, dancers, and other performances. There’s also the Spoleto Festival from June to July, with performances in theater, opera, dance, and film, and is another event I’d hope to see on my trip to Europe.

Nonetheless, Italy provides an experience like no other, something I would be lucky to enjoy in the near future, as my first stop in my prospective trip to Europe!