Counselors host “Dating 101” workshop for senior girls


Ellen Kan

Counselors Alexa Scott and Sean Burke share advice with senior girls.

Ellen Kan and Alexis Williams

On Wednesday, June 10, guidance counselors Sean Burke and Alexa Scott held an eighth-period session entitled “Dating 101.” This A-block activity was only open to senior girls.

“Dating 101” served as a senior transition workshop (STW). It has been a tradition for Jefferson teachers, counselors and administrators to hold various STWs at the end of the school year for graduating students, but “Dating 101” was the only one offered this year.

Sixty-five senior girls attended the session, during which Burke and Scott offered insight into how to deal with roommate situations, partying, homesickness and the college dating scene.

“I thought it was very helpful and informative, giving me new ideas on how to handle certain situations in college,” senior Taylor Quinn said. “At the same time, it was very entertaining.”

The counselors also shared personal anecdotes in order to keep the session not only informative, but also humorous.

“I thought it was hilarious,” senior Sonia Jindal said. “I had heard good things about this tradition from seniors last year and I was looking forward to it.”

Burke and Scott aim to hold a similar “Dating 101” workshop for senior boys before the school year is over. They also hope that the session helped the senior girls become more familiar with what to expect as college freshmen.

“We recognize that we don’t have all the stories,” Scott said. “We’ve been out of the game a little while. But at the same time, for people like me who didn’t know anything about what to expect when it came to relationships in college or just living with somebody else, we wanted to give you a little bit of a heads-up.”