Distinguished Indian luminary tours Jefferson tech labs

Senior Callan Monette, a member of the Neuroscience Laboratory, shakes hands with Sadhguru before presenting her project.

Ellen Kan, Print Editor-in-Chief

On May 11, Jaggi Vasudev, better known as Sadhguru, visited Jefferson during eighth period to learn about the school’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) facilities, with a particular emphasis on the senior research laboratories.

Sadhguru is an internationally renowned author, philanthropist, educator and economist from India. A respected mystic and yogi, Sadhguru also created the Isha Foundation, “a volunteer-run, international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential,” according to the organization’s website. The foundation has centers in over 150 cities worldwide and promotes self-awareness through yoga programs and human service initiatives.

Senior Jeevan Karamsetty and his father were responsible for coordinating the visit after Sadhguru expressed interest in establishing a science and technology school similar to Jefferson in India.

“Obviously, starting a school with resources of such magnitude is not a simple task,” Karamsetty said. “That being said, I am confident that Sadhguru was able to gain at least some insight on how he can approach a similar kind of school in India. He already has dozens of schools established in India, but his vision for the new school aligns more closely to TJ.”

For Sadhguru’s tour of Jefferson’s facilities, Karamsetty arranged for at least one senior in each tech lab to be prepared to give a brief overview of their projects. The students who presented their research were pleasantly surprised by their fruitful conversations with Sadhguru.

“It was a privilege to speak with Sadhguru about my senior research project,” senior Arun Kannan said. “I was taken aback by how closely he listened and asked questions. He was genuinely interested in learning about what I had to say.”

In addition to listening to specific student presentations, Sadhguru received more general information about Jefferson from sophomore Swetha Prabakaran and junior Will Ryu, his tour guides from Jefferson Society. Sadhguru also spoke with Principal Evan Glazer and various lab directors about the logistics of organizing and operating senior research labs.

“We are honored to be the first step for such an esteemed visitor to learn about our advanced science and technology laboratories with the hope that it will spur new ideas and broaden the impact of our school all across India,” Glazer said. “I am deeply humbled and very appreciative of our students, who have congregated in every single research laboratory to provide a wonderful tour for this special visit.”